[ddots-l] Re: Another Sonar puzzle.

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  • Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 21:12:04 -0500

hello, the thing for you to do maby is to select the vocal track from beginning 
to end.  copy that track and put the audio on a nuther track.  thin use the 
nudge feature and move one vocal to the right.  this will dubble or make the 
vocal sound like to people anyway.  as for affects i will hav to think on that 
there is a midi affect called
the delaylama, you can hav a lot of controll with the key board and it sounds 
varry cool and some what real.  and best of all its free.  just google it.  
hope this helps
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  Hi guys,

  I'm hoping someone out there has tried this in Sonar.

  I have a male vocal track.  I want to duplicate it so that it sounds like 
four monks singing in unison in a cathedral.  How can I do this in Sonar, or, 
can I do this in Sonar?  If not, is there any way to do this?  I've tried the 
chorus effect in Sonar and in Sound Forge, too synthetic.  I tried exporting 
the vocal track and then importing it to a different track.  Both tracks played 
together sound like one single voice, only a bit louder.  Tried cloning the 
track, same result.  Tried bounce to track bouncing the original track to a new 
one, same result.  Any way to do this?



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