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  • Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 00:54:41 -0400

out of all the hardware synths, roland is definitely my favorite as far as 
orchestral stuff, but hardware synths really don't compare to higher end vsts. 
in my opinion, yamaha's orchestral sounds are definitely weak; at least the 
ones in the motif series have been.
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  Well - I gotta tell ya, I've gotten some pretty decent orchestral sounds out 
of my Fantom X-6 Workstation. Also, I play on a Roland AT-90 console organ at 
my church that has some halfway decent stuff in it as well. I'm extremely 
fortunate to have one of those puppies at home, thanks to the church and 
others; I received it as a gift for my tenure as Church Organist. Perhaps I 
should send some stuff along at some point so you can hear it.



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    I'm personally just looking mostly for synth sounds, drums, and basses to 
run through my akai. I agree with you that hardware synths aren't really 
adequate to get nice sounding orchestral sounds.

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