[ddots-l] Re: Accessible control surface.

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I use fw-1884 and evolution 33e.
Fw-1884 is more high end. It has audio interface as well as controler. Also the 
faders are automated, so sonar moves the faders so you can check where the 
volumes are quick.
I also love the eq section. It has preset with sonar where you can sweep each 
eq band.
  It also has bunch of different functions that I don't usually use. If you 
like shortcuts, you'll like it.
  33e is a lot cheaper, but it doesn't have automated faders.
  You can do a lot with it though. It has a lot of built in pre-sets to control 
different stuff.
  If you have some extra cash, I like fw-1884. If not, 33e will do fine.
  I bought fw-1884 on ebay.

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  Hi guys!

  I posed this question to Gordon but thought I'd also get ideas from the list 
as well.  What have any of you out there used for your control surface?  How 
accessible is it?



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