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  • Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 14:32:49 -0400

The problem with the simple instrument tracks is a SOnar bug that hopefully 
will be adressed in a future update.  In order to remove a component of a 
dimension program, you'll need to find out which element has the sound you want 
to remove by choosing each of the mixer parameters for the four elements and 
muting them until you mute the one you want, then save it as a program with a 
new name.
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  I have few questions :)
  When I choose the simple instrument track in sonar and next choose some 
effect I dont see the parameters of this effect in the track inspector, where 
is the problem?
  My second problem is the problem with the dimension pro, I like one of the 
presets, but there is a problem. In this preset there are 2 sounds, the piano 
and some strange sound. I dont like this second sound, but I want to use the 
first one. Is there any way to eliminate this second sound, or maybe anyone 
know some sound which is similar to the first sound of this preset. The sound 
which I meen is alien piano 2 or 3.
  I want also know how to put the hsc set for fm7?
  And also, is the omnisphere accessible for us.
  And my last question, how to lock the mouse in sonar? :) cause I forgot how 
to do it.
  Regards, Ralf.

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