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Hi Jason:
Roland Fantom XR is a rack synth with 1152 sounds built in including drum sets 
and also a sampler expandable to 512 MB
with USB connection to host so you can transfer file between both the rack and 
the computer, and has a compact flash card for storage and have an editing 
software for the computer but it's not accessible as I know I never try to deal 
with it until now

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  Hey Omar, or anyone using hardware synths.  I am going to upgrade my studio, 
and wanted to know how the Roland xr and motif rack interact with sonar.  How 
accessible are they? what can I do and what can I not do. Are they synths or 
samplers? the reason I ask is that isn't a synth a synth  so a soft synth is 
going to sound just as good as a hardware synth? My understanding is that a 
sampler would sound better then either. And generally a soft synth will sound 
better then a hardware synth since you have more processing power and ram in 
the computer.  Am I totally off here? thanks in advance 

  Jason Doorish, RMT  

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    Subject: [ddots-l] A couple of questions

    Hi All:

    To any Fantom x/xr users on the list; when using the Fantom with Sonar 
(with sonar as the sequencer,) did you guys have to put the Fantom into "slave 
mode?" Second, I'm preparing to install the instrument definition files for the 
Fantom x in Sonar. I was previously using the Motif es. Do I need to remove the 
motif's ins def files prior to installing the fantom's? If so, how do I do that?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    Omar Binno

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