[ddots-l] Re: A breakthrough in access for omnisphere

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Haven't you ever tried this before?  

I've used this quote technique quote with Native Instruments Absynth 3 & Line 
6's Gear Box software, not to mention a whole bunch of other apps...  

Its not always successful, but with a little trial and error, along with the 
JAWS cursor and routing the PC cursor to JAWS, a surprisingly large amount of 
stuff can be achieved!  

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  I was trying to figure some things out with my son.
  We did a few things with HSC, but the search menu wouldn't open,. HSC would 
put the curser there, but no click action.
  Spencer said, "dad, I think we can do something with the mouse".
  I didn't think it would work, and was opposed to the idea, but he removed the 
ball, so it wouldn't accidently move from where HSC put the curser, and by 
golly, when I use it to left click on the search menu, a whole new wonderful 
world of possibilities opens up, and man, I love it.
  What a great idea my boy had!
  You bet I'm tickled, not just cause it works, but because my son knew it 
would work, and managed to get me to listen, and try it out!
  What a deal folks.
  I type in piano, and I get a mess of them. I can either arrow down to the 
first one, or do the key stroke that HSC allows us to use to get there. When I 
get to the bottom of what's on the screen, another key stroke enables me to 
continue down the list till I've checked out as many as there are!
  What a blast. It's really the best patch brouser I've played with.
  If you're as anti mouse, as I was, you might think I'm out of my mind, but 
I'm tellin' ya, this is a dream come true for me. I thought I spent a few 
hundred bucks on something that was gonna be awful hard to work with. Now, I 
have a new soft synth that is more fun than anything I've used for quite 
  I just wish there was some way to make Spencer a little money for such a 
great idea, but really, anyone can do it.
  He just made it happen for me, so I guess it's up to me to do the 
compensating! Lol.
  Let me tell you,
  I'm mighty happy to do it!
  I'm sure this won't solve every access issue, but I wonder if there are other 
things this might work with, when jaws doesn't wanta click for some reason.

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