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  Here's the info.

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    Who makes Boost 11?



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      hey there what you need to do is the following.  There is a plug in 
called Boost11
        you need to insert this as your master bus, and route all of your 
tracks to this.  In the boost11 plugin you will find several presets which you 
can adjust to make sure that your mix sounds great.  This is just one option 
you could do, the other is to normalize your mix by running it through sound 
forge.  However the boost11 plugin does work well for most mixes.  But in the 
long run you might be better off getting Soundforge to complete your final 
mixes.  Its not an expensive program, and is definatly worth it.
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        Subject: [ddots-l] 0 dB or higher?

        Hello again.  My new question is that I have maxed the outputs of a 
project until it sounded balanced.  I pushed everything to the 0 dB output 
level.  I thought the mix was good, but when compared to a regular CD, the 
overall volume was a lot lower.  To match the volume, I had to max out some 
buses to 6 dB.  I shouldn't have to do this, should I?  I thought 0 dB was 
where the volume should be for a quality recording.  Are my original recording 
levels too low?  I don't think they were that far below 0 dB.  My MP3 
conversion was also quieter in volume.  Any suggestions?  S.B.    

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