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You should never go beyond -0.1. Use compressers on your tracks and especially 
on the master bus. Also, you should use a limiter on the master bus as well. If 
you still hear an issue after that, you may have high eq frequencies on some of 
your tracks that you want to cut. For example, you may have too much low bass 
on a kick drum. The trick is to mess around with compressers and eqs until you 
get a better handle on that stuff. That's really where the key is.

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  Hello again.  My new question is that I have maxed the outputs of a project 
until it sounded balanced.  I pushed everything to the 0 dB output level.  I 
thought the mix was good, but when compared to a regular CD, the overall volume 
was a lot lower.  To match the volume, I had to max out some buses to 6 dB.  I 
shouldn't have to do this, should I?  I thought 0 dB was where the volume 
should be for a quality recording.  Are my original recording levels too low?  
I don't think they were that far below 0 dB.  My MP3 conversion was also 
quieter in volume.  Any suggestions?  S.B.    

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