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Thanks for clarifying the name :-)

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On Aug 15, 2015, at 9:01 PM, Caroline Daley <carolinedaley@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Just quick correction- Cecilia Robinson is the great lady at region 4

Viv made wonderful suggestions and we agree with all!

Hugs- Caroline

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Subject: [dbmat] Re: input into selecting an intervener
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2015 20:29:04 -0500
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I think it's fine to ask/offer to help out. I was able to help because I
knew more people involved in deaf blindness in the beginning. In the last
couple of replacements, we were in Middle and then High school. I did not
participate, but I was able to ask how the process was going and they shared
their thoughts about the individuals being considered. They did a great job!

It is always hard to have a change in personnel!

Unfortunately, the constant that's reliable in life is change.

We have been through many changes and the first year with a new Intervener is
usually a learning year and a relationship building period.

I would politely insist on you and the whole school Team (as many as you can
get) attending the Intervener Team Training hosted by TSBVI (Austin) in The
Fall and ask to be included on any Region IV (Houston) trainings that are
deaf-blind specific. I also encourage the Team Meetings (at the school)
every 6 weeks at least, especially when there's new staff - to encourage
consistency between home and school.

You can even call Cecilia Roberts at the Region IV office (off 290) and ask
her about upcoming trainings. They will let parents attend trainings :-)

You can also offer them information on training:
- TSBVI trainings
(check their website for calendar of events and pass the info along)
- DBMAT's Intervener Training Scholarships
(see DBMAT-tx.org website)
- Intervener.org website
-NCDB's "Open Hands Open Access" training modules
(They are free!)

Bring food to meetings or find ways to support the school Team so they are
know you are there to help them be successful too!

Good luck,

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On Aug 15, 2015, at 4:02 PM, Leslie Stevens <lesliestevens07@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I was wondering how much (if any) input those of you with school-based
interveners for your kids have had into the selection of the interveners? I
seem to recall Vivecca saying in the past that she had been able to help with
the screening/selection process at Christopher's school (which is AWESOME),
but I don't know if that is common in other schools? Olivia will have a new
intervener this school year as the one she had for the last couple years ever
since she started school has now been promoted to a teaching position. I am
just nervous about meeting this new person and seeing if they will be a good
fit for Olivia, and I guess I just wonder whether it is too much to ask for
in the future that I be at least marginally involved in the selection
process? Any advice is appreciated!


Leslie Stevens

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