[dbmat] Re: info for child who is blind

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Caroline-- great info. Cldnt agree more. I don't love everything ECI has to
offer, but it's a place to start and if the child has visual impairments I
think all of the services are free. -- Becky Daily

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On Oct 7, 2015, at 4:37 PM, Caroline Daley <carolinedaley@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is only personal experience so here goes:

All behavior is communication. Lauren started doing this and when we got her
an intervener and appropriate ways to communicate she stopped completely.

I'm very wary of helmets and splints and all types of things that are used to
keep kids from a behavior bc in my experience it has only snowballed. Adding
a helmet doesn't deal with the issue and in fact masks and bandaids the
situation. The kiddo will find another way to get stimulation- and chances
are it won't be any more appropriate.

They need to put their efforts into finding ways the child can get
Information and they can get info from the child.

This is just my own opinion and experience. The addition of helmets and
splits and restraints was the fork in the road for many families- we had the
same behaviors and went to communication focused, they were convinced by
professionals to head down a path of various means of restraining the child
including helmet and it resulted in kids who are in a much much worse place
than they started.

I'm happy to talk to the family directly. I don't know what to say about the
paperwork etc

Good luck,

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I would definitely recommend getting a soft helmet.

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On Oct 7, 2015, at 2:49 PM, Gina Dagrella (Redacted sender "ginagale62" for
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hi everyone,

a therapist friend of mine called me to ask for resources / info.
she can't share much info with me but the little girl is under the age of 3
and here with no documentation so isn't eligible for Medicaid but is getting
some services through the county. she is blind and has just started hitting
herself (hard enough to break the skin) and banging her head. she smiles and
laughs when she is doing it. since I don't have any experience with this, can
someone offer some guidance? websites? they are redirecting her and trying
not to leave her alone.
any and all help is appreciated.

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