[dbmat] Re: info for child who is blind

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Make sure she has been referred to BCP program of DARS. For now, … the BCP
program is still within DARS DBS. You can hunt the right office by going to
this link and entering the zip code for the child:
http://www.dars.state.tx.us/dbs/offices/OfficeLocator.aspx?div=4 They must be
residents, but not citizens to benefit from the BCP program. I think ECI works
the same way. http://www.dars.state.tx.us/ecis/eligibility.shtml

She could be distracting herself from pain, … self-stimming in a dramatic way,
… relieving boredom, … expressing frustration - could be many things.
Protecting her head is a consideration. She needs an assessment.

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hi everyone,

a therapist friend of mine called me to ask for resources / info.
she can't share much info with me but the little girl is under the age of 3 and
here with no documentation so isn't eligible for Medicaid but is getting some
services through the county. she is blind and has just started hitting herself
(hard enough to break the skin) and banging her head. she smiles and laughs
when she is doing it. since I don't have any experience with this, can someone
offer some guidance? websites? they are redirecting her and trying not to leave
her alone.
any and all help is appreciated.

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