[dbmat] What is Gayle's email?

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I would love to talk with you. 

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> Steve, I was inquiring about two subjects,  one the member sent same day you 
> sent your post. I believe it was Amy. First; I am a DB provider contracted 
> with Daybreak Community Services in Ft. Worth I'm sure some of them are on 
> this list. I have one female that lives in my home.  Has her own Bath & 
> Bedroom with extra twin bed. I train in sign language and everything from 
> being an Intervener to DayHab. I've been a certified interpreter for the deaf 
> since 1980. I started young! I began training and a provider  with Daybreak 
> since 1999, to present. I was a case Manager & group home supervisor for the 
> Deaf Blind with Advocates Care, before Daybreak Community Services bought the 
> home and took over the Deaf/Blind services. Jeannie Page sign me on when she 
> opened DayBreak/ Texas Sunrise Service
> The reason,  I am saying this, is not to "TOOT MY HORN" LOL. BUT, to say it's 
> not easy-to-use find providers in This area, that are contacted, with 
> expertise in working with Deaf/Blind. If I'm uninformed, then I would love to 
> meet them and share info!. Besides, all th the above, I've got interpreted 
> all overall cities in Texas, Denton's Women College; Florida State 
> University;  as an,  Supported Employment Trainer, for, Mentally and 
> Physically challenged. I really would like to meet others with same. My 
> working with just about every Disability, has given me cherished experiences 
> and knowledge.  I've met some of the most precious deaf, Blind,  all 
> disabilities, precious, precious individual's.  I started in 
> 1978,Austin,Texas. Remember way back in those days Steve? It was just State 
> Of Texas Rehabilitation?  And Texas Community For the Blind,  Wow I'm so glad 
> we've come this FAR!!   I remember so we'll interpreting so many years for 
> Tx. Rehab in Austin and T.A.B.C. I hope got the Int. Right.  Amy? To the 
> member that's wanting to change providers,  Please find one that Knows about 
> how to work with Duel Sensory disability! If I had a child/adult, with D/B, 
> I'd would want some assurance of their skills.  Good luck.
> Gayle-Deaf/Blind Trainer 4 Equality Life
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> Heather wrote the following----   My 4-year old son, Orion, is in the same 
> shoes as Amy's daughter, a spot opened up for him the week before Christmas.
> I have a question:
> One agency- Disability Services of the Southwest- has a new specialist 
> running their DBMD section and she told me that kids 18 and under cannot 
> get what she called recreational therapy (hope she isn't talking about 
> hippotherapy, aquatic and music therapies). 
> I hope she is sorely mistaken. If she is, I need to follow up. They have
> 9 DBMD clients. (I'm interested in hearing from those of you who work
> with DSSW.) I'm calling the 4 other agencies on my list this week.
> Thanks,
> Heather Withrow

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