[dbmat] Re: We reached the top of the DBMD interest list! What now???

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Congrats!!! In a nut shell, mdcp offers respite; DBMD offers respite along with 
other many other types of caregiver supports. She may not need all the DBMD 
services now, but her DBMD IPC will grow with her - and she'll never age out if 
this program (unlike mdcp). 


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> On Oct 19, 2014, at 6:02 PM, Gail Dalrymple <gaildalrymple@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Leslie
> Here is the link for what you are looking for...the comparison chart.
> http://www.dads.state.tx.us/providers/waiver_comparisons/LTSS-Waivers.pdf
> I recommend you just google the name of the waiver and read all you can about 
> it on the DADS website.
> Call and talk to Kathy Montalbano (I think that is her name) and she can tell 
> you lots too.
> My son is on HCS and we came up on DBMD list and I spent at least a month 
> looking it over and comparing the two until I was certain which was best for 
> us. Take your time and ask them for an extension if you need more time. They 
> should grant you that...they did when I asked.
> Best of luck, and congratulations!
> Gail Dalrymple
> Texas Parent to Parent
>> On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 5:49 PM, Leslie Stevens <lesliestevens07@xxxxxxxxx> 
>> wrote:
>> So I just got a letter saying that Olivia (age 5) has reached the top of the 
>> DBMD interest list...HUGE surprise, as I didn't think her name would come up 
>> for years!  Now I am trying to decide what to do.  I am excited, of course, 
>> but also want to make sure before jumping ship from MDCP, which has been a 
>> pretty good fit for us these last several years, that Olivia would actually 
>> benefit more from the DBMD program.
>> I seem to recall that there is some sort of comparison matrix out there that 
>> lists all the various Medicaid waiver programs and what they offer...could 
>> anyone point me to where to find this?  
>> Also, any of you who have recently switched to the DBMD program from another 
>> waiver program (or even from MDCP), I would love to hear your thoughts on 
>> what you think about DBMD...what do you like better, is there anything 
>> lacking that you miss from your prior program, etc.?  
>> Really the only thing I recall about the DBMD program is that it provides 
>> some sort of intervener services, but I don't remember any specifics.  
>> Please, any and all advice is welcomed!!!
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Leslie Stevens
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>> Leslie Stevens
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