[dbmat] Very Important! Please read! Information about the DBMAT's New List serve

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DBMAT has changed list serve to freelists.org.  All members emails were copied 
to the new list serve below.  You should be receiving emails.  

Below is some information about accessing the list serve, the purpose of it, 
and rules of the list serve.  Please take a few moments to read.

Usingthe List serve
1) How to send emails:   When you send an email to dbmat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx all 
members of the List Serve willreceive your email.   I recommend putting this 
address in your emailaddress book.
2)  How to receive emails:  This will happenautomatically from now on without 
any action on your part.
 3)  How to delete yourself from theemail group or ask questions about the 
List-serve:  Just send an email tome: Givens3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Purpose andGuidelines of the List-Serve:  
The List-Serve is a way for people to talk about common issuesrelating to 
deafblindness.  Such issues might include:  communicationstrategies, 
educational issues, available resources, emotional concerns,Deafblind advocacy, 
etc.  You may have information to share or questionsto ask.   
List-Serve Guidelines:
1.  We donot post topics unrelated to disability or the missions of DBMAT.
2.  We maycomment on products that have been found to be personally helpful or 
unhelpful,but no advertising.
3. We should not have any emails on outside issues such aspolitics (other than 
politics relating to Deafblindness), religion,celebrities, etc. 
4.  Therewill be no personal attacks, insults, or inflammatory language.
5.  Violation of these agreements will result in an initialwarning and 
moderated status, and on second occurrence, removal from the DBMATlistserve.
Thank you,
Melanie Knapp

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