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Dr. Hammer, Thanks for all you do to empower us...I like the exchange!!!  
Monica, I'm interested in participating in your survey about parent concerns
regarding education.  I'm sure lots of us will be willing to provide input as
long as you make it easy for us to do so by coming to us here on the listserve
and on facebook, rather than requiring us to go looking for you.  I'm eager to
hear about your project.
I'm also very interested in the 2 articles about issues in education.  Are
these available anywhere on the internet?  We could post a link here.

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Just trying to see if this connects with the people who were at the conference
in Wimberley this weekend. I always come back from a DBMAT conference
energized. If I had hair it would be on fire ! ! ! I want you all to know of
Monica Villarreal. Monica is a graduate of TSBVI and is a graduating master's
level student (in May) from the LBJ School at UT/Austin.  Monica is majoring in
policy making and decisions and wants to do her Master's level project on
parent concerns regarding education. I have agreed to work with Monica but that
all depends on her advisors at LBJ School at UT/Austin. Anyway, I want to
introduce her to you. I hope you will contact Monica about policy issues we
discussed at the DBMAT conference. Monica would like to do a survey of needs as
identified by parents. Could this be a DBMAT effort? Don't know but want to
raise the issue. I also want to see if Ron can send the 2 papers electronically
to Paul Daley that I gave to the Cauldwell family about issues in education. I
would like for Monica to see those papers also. It is always a pleasure to be
with empowered parents of students like your group. Ed

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