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Sounds like a great resource I also plan to visit.

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Me!  I'm way early since Orion is 4 but I would love to learn more about Austin 
area programs especially for my friends within DBMAT and without.


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Thank you Ed!  I would be happy to visit the Harmony Project in Austin and 
report back.  Is anyone interested in knowing more about an Austin-based 

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I just want to chime in and say that if you are considering a day program, I 
would strongly urge you to visit The Harmony Project in Austin. It is the most 
outstanding day program I have ever visited. The director, Tressie Steeger, is 
such a complete program developer. She would be a great resource for your group 
in learning how to survive opening up a day activity program. Also, If you are 
looking for model programs for day services, I suggest you visit with Martha 
Moyer, Executive Director of the Seth Moyer Support Microboard in the Ki ng 
William neighborhood of South San Antonio. Martha has pieced together a great 
program for her son, Seth, who is 41. He has Section 8 HUD Housing support for 
his apartment. He has a 24/7 live in companion and a 5 hour a day day-worker 
who takes him into the community, goes shopping, exercises at his gym, and 
participates in church and other civic activities. I have copied Tressie and 
Martha on this email Ed Hammer.

On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 7:50 PM, Hartman Family 
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Great question!

I do not have the full answers as I am just beginning the exploration.  
However, I heard that Reach was like $30 a day and another was about $50 a day. 
 So , I was thinking the "SSI" that adults get to cover their living expenses 
could help cover these costs ;-)

I do not even think we would need to go but maybe 3 days a week, then spend 
Fridays as outing day in the Community...& Sleep in on Mondays!

Sounds like a SWEET life to me :-)

I'll share what I learn!

I appreciate any questions and ideas along the way.


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On Oct 1, 2014, at 7:36 PM, Rubina Khan 
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Thanks, Viv. I finally had a moment to look these places up and they seem nice, 
although not geared to deafblind individuals specifically. I was wondering if 
these services are covered by insurance/ Medicaid or if they are private-pay. 
Reach Unlimited looked like it might be private. And if so, what is the cost 
for day activity services? I wish I could tour with you, but right now is a  
difficult time for me.
Please do keep us posted.

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