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Dear DBMAT Family,

I am so thankful for many things.  I will admit, I don't understand why some  
things happen to good people...and probably will never know.   With that 

I do know that Gary and I were given some wonderful gifts.  I am so thankful 
for both my boys.  Landon and Christian.  I can't believe how lucky I am to 
have Landon in my life.  Landon is the epitome of a family man.  I am so very 
proud of him.  He brought Christi into our lives, as his wife,and my 
daughter-in-law, and friend.  They have given me two precious angels...Taylor 
and Ethan Christian .   

My wish for this Thanksgiving is for all of us to appreciate what we have, love 
one another, and continue to strive for what is good.

My thoughts and prayers for all of you! 


Melanie Knapp

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