[dbmat] Pasting a discussion of intervener salary rates from Facebook

  • From: Stephen Schoen <stephenschoen351@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 15:23:28 -0500

Hi folks----   I saw this interesting conversation and back and forth
conversation on our DBMAT Facebook page, and thought, "perhaps.. there are
many people on the DBMAT Listserve who aren't on the Facebook page," so I
copied and pasted it  for your reading pleasure. Look at the attachment
before you read the discussion. I do want to point out that the amounts
listed on the attachment are what DADS (the state agency) pays to the
Provider Agencies.  The Provider agency then must take out a percentage for
expenses (such as worker's comp insurance, supervision, etc.) before they
pay the intervener.  So different DBMAT providers will have different
hourly rates they pay interveners depending on how they interpret their
administrative costs.

I also want to express enthusiasm that people are using DADS rates to
negotiate with their school distiricts. This was an outcome DBMAT hoped for
when they advocated for the bill establishing a career ladder for

Lastly... I hope all this pasting looks ok after our listserve is done with
it.     steve

   - Munumu Basu    School districts pay approx $12-$13 /hour.
   August 6 at 10:39pm
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   Mu <https://www.facebook.com/groups/DBMAT/#>
   - <https://www.facebook.com/bebakruel?fref=ufi>
   Geraldina Martinez Yanez <https://www.facebook.com/bebakruel?fref=ufi> They
   should raise depending on our level. As I said before I am waiting for
   perry Lee to give me a raise.
   August 6 at 10:47pm
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   - <https://www.facebook.com/munmun.basu.376?fref=ufi>
   Munmun Basu <https://www.facebook.com/munmun.basu.376?fref=ufi> They r
   paying all interveners the same....whether they are certified, have
   experience with db children, or have college hours doesn't matter to them.
   August 6 at 10:51pm
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   De StarGurl <https://www.facebook.com/dejamaicandiva.anni?fref=ufi> Oh
   wow! I am looking forward to this!
   August 13 at 9:29pm
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   - <https://www.facebook.com/caroline.k.daley?fref=ufi>
   Caroline Kupstas Daley
   <https://www.facebook.com/caroline.k.daley?fref=ufi> Hi munmun- our
   school ford have different pay for various levels- parents have to get
   intervener not aide written into iep
   22 hrs
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   - <https://www.facebook.com/munmun.basu.376?fref=ufi>
   Munmun Basu <https://www.facebook.com/munmun.basu.376?fref=ufi> We r
   interveners as per our district but not paid as them
   21 hrs
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   - <https://www.facebook.com/caroline.k.daley?fref=ufi>
   Caroline Kupstas Daley
   <https://www.facebook.com/caroline.k.daley?fref=ufi> We provides human
   resources with the dad's intervener payscale to help raise the pay for
   interveners. I know other families have had to do the same. Maybe that
   would help?
   21 hrs
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   - <https://www.facebook.com/munmun.basu.376?fref=ufi>
   Munmun Basu <https://www.facebook.com/munmun.basu.376?fref=ufi> Well I
   work with a district and they hv their own payscales. We're still
   considered paras and we get a meager stipend of $500 spread over annually
   for working as an intervener.
   21 hrs
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   - <https://www.facebook.com/caroline.k.daley?fref=ufi>
   Caroline Kupstas Daley
   <https://www.facebook.com/caroline.k.daley?fref=ufi> Yes, I mean we had
   to work with our district to educate them on the pay rates in the state for
   interveners. Show them what other districts were paying, show them the
   state rates. Totally respect that this is a crummy fight and none of us
   should have to fight it. You guys all deserve more pay!

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