[dbmat] My answer to Heather's Question about therapies in DB-MD waiver

  • From: Stephen Schoen <stephenschoen351@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 22:08:54 -0600

I'm taking the liberty of answering Heather's question.   I'm not sure what
the case manager for the DB-MD provider is referring to by "recreational
therapy."  There is no such service for people of any age in the DB-MD
waiver.   The one service which adults can get and children can't in the
DB-MD waiver is Assisted Living.   Assisted living means living in a
residence other than your families (such as a small 6 or fewer bed group

The DB-MD waiver does not (and never has)  provide hippo therapy, aqua
therapy, and music therapy for people of any age. The only Medicaid Waiver
which provides those services is the CLASS waiver.   Here is a link to
description of the DB-MD Waiver services directly from the current Texas
Administrative Code.  It is worth the time to read all of these services,
and ask questions about any which are not clear.  (Division 3 has the
majority of services and definitions.)

Steve Schoen

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