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Dear Ms. Rose,
This is Heidi May. Yes, I have recently left PerryLee, but I am so sorry to
hear this. I understand you will lose your DSA and CDS provider, but you will
NOT lose you DBMD services. You will simply be asked to chose another agency
(PerryLee should be sending you form 1576 to select a new provider in you
area). It should be a fairly smooth transition and nothing to worry about. :( 
Call me if you need any assistance, I'll be happy to help you.


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{}#yiv8529684594 I think you are reeling with some shock.  The person may not
have communicated clearly and you were probably flustered with the news.  So, …
I sounds like your DBMD provider isn’t going to be serving your area.  You
mention that you are using Perry Lee for “both services and CDS,”  … but you
didn’t have a reference to what “both services” refers to.  I am thinking that
you are saying that Perry Lee is the DBMD provider and they are pulling out of
Comal county.  It sounds like your DBMD provider (Perry Lee?) was providing
respite and hab services.  But, you are not sure what the hab services are that
are on the plan, or why such services were listed/provided.  It also sounds
like your DBMD provider (Perry Lee?) is looking for another provider to pick up
where they will leave off, … and your current provider states that they will
let you know what other service providers are out there that can do what they
were doing.  It would appear that they don’t want to leave you stranded.  There
wasn’t a mention in your e-mail of the timeline your provider is working with
for terminating the work on the current contract that they have with DADS.  So,
… I’d want to know how exactly how much time you have to make repairs and find
a new provider to provide the respite, and whatever the habilitation services,
are that Morgan is receiving.  Of course, … this is stressful and you’ll have
to train new people – I hate that this goes on, … but it does.    I am copying
Angela Medina, as she has taken over for Lauren Chenoweth as the DBMD program
specialist at DADS.  There will be some kind of list of providers that serve
Comal county, … but it is true that some areas of Texas just don’t have many
options.  Angela can likely help you out, … perhaps by spelling things out
clearly for you.  I am under the impression that your current provider is
trying to inform you of the changes coming up and asking you to give them a
little time to find out what options you’d have for other providers.  It would
seem that they do not want to leave you in the lurch, … and they don’t want to
appear irresponsible and disinterested in your situation.  And, … they are
letting you know that their withdrawal from Comal county is not going to affect
PCS services, which is done by a different agency.   Let’s see what your
current provider, and/or Angela, come up with for options you can pursue.    -

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Subject: [dbmat] Hello and help (long)   Hello all, My name is Margaret Rose
and I live in New Braunfels.  My son Morgan has been on the DBMD program for a
year.   I've been on the list for quite sometime but always reading, never
posting.   Today I find myself in need of some help.  I just received a call
from our DBMD provider and she said she's getting ready to terminate her
contract with Comal county.   I am so confused when she was trying to tell me
what services I would lose. Our agency has been Perry Lee for both services and
CDS, as far as I understood, our case manager is through them however she has
left recently.   We use the PCS and respite services and there was
habilitation included as well (not sure why). She told me I would still have
the PCS as it was a seperate program (don't see how as it's in our budget) and
I would lose respite (in budget as well) She then told me that she would try to
find some other agency to take over and she had to look closer at our case
details. I am to tell DADS if they call that she is looking into things
further. I have no idea what anything she said meant. When I asked questions
she talked in circles.   I'm sorry this is so long but this is the only place
I know of that could possibly help.   If anyone is able to explain things to
me I sure would appreciate it.   Margaret Rose

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