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Please read below. This is  very important federal legislation moving forward 
that will include the educational needs of the deafblind in the United States!

As advocates for the deafblind, whether you are a deafblind individual, parent, 
sibling, family member, professional , or friend.....there will be times that 
we will be asked to help!  

For me personally, this federal legislation reflects goals that I have been 
working towards for the last 12 years.  And I want to add that the people that 
are on The Executive Committee of the National Coalition on Deafblindness.....I 
know for a fact have been working toward these goals for more than 20 years!

Everything DBAMT has done over the last few years.....the changes in the DBMD 
waiver -the career ladder for Interveners, and including children at age of 
diagnosis; DBMAT educational scholarships for our Texas Interveners; and our 
members that have spent hours, days, weeks, months, and years working with 
their school districts educating them on the power of the Intervener Model;  
all of these efforts have and will continue to "pay off" when this bill is 


Thank you,

Melanie Knapp

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> Greetings!
> The Executive Committee of the National Coalition on Deafblindness has been 
> working to include language related to the education of children and youth 
> with deafblindness in federal legislation, H.R.4040, Alice Cogswell and Anne 
> Macy Sullivan Act (named for the first deaf student to be formally educated 
> in the U. S. and the beloved teacher of Helen Keller).
> This bill, introduced in Congress last February, was meant to reform 
> education for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and for children who 
> are blind or visually impaired.  The educational needs of children with 
> deafblindness were not specifically mentioned.   
> During the past few months, we’ve been working with H.R. 4040 leaders Mark 
> Richart and Barbara Raimondo to include language related to deafblindness, 
> and we’ve sought and utilized your valuable input as part of this process.  
> We've recently submitted that language to them as Title III of the Act.  They 
> will review and edit this section and submit it to their congressional 
> sponsors and cosponsors for approval to be added to the original text of H.R. 
> 4040.  In addition to addressing the educational needs of children with 
> deafblindness, Title III includes:
> wording which designates intervener services in the “related services” listing
> wording which reflects the need for the recognition of and training for 
> teachers of the deafblind
> wording which adapts the federal definition of deafblindness
> wording requiring each state to specifically address deafblind issues in the 
> development of its state plan                                       
> This legislation, with the deafblind language added, will be reintroduced to 
> Congress in early 2015.  You can read more here about H.R.4040 - Alice 
> Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act.  Once the text of Title III has been 
> reviewed and edited, we will update you with the final wording and let you 
> know how you can help support this bill. 
> Sincerely,
> The Executive Committee of the National Coalition on Deafblindness
> Linda Alsop - Utah
> Tanni Anthony - Colorado 
> Maurice Belote - California
> Robbi Blaha - Texas
> Tracy Evans Luiselli - MA, NH, ME, CT
> John Mascia - Alabama
> Jerry Petroff - New Jersey
> Jamie Pope -   Maryland (Consumer)
> Sally Prouty - Minnesota (NFADB representative)

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