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Subject: Fwd: [AVIT] ACTION ALERT - HB 3294 up for hearing

Family Leaders:

This is it! Advocates believe that Thursday is the last opportunity to keep
the Children's Program with the rest of the Division for Blind Services. As
an AVIT member (not wearing my work hat), I'm writing to ask that you help us
make sure the family voice is well represented in saving this vital program!
Please join us in testifying Thursday at the Economic and Small Business
Development committee public hearing on HB 3294. I'm including the AVIT
Action Alert below, which provides more information about our efforts.
You're welcome to call or email if I can be of any help. My mobile phone is

Thank you,
Edgenie Bellah
AVIT Member
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Subject: [AVIT] ACTION ALERT - HB 3294 up for hearing
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AVIT members: This is our next and possibly last opportunity to make a
difference on the House side.

The Economic and Small Business Development committee has scheduled a public
hearing for April 9, 2015 in Room E2.010 at 8:00 A.M. on HB 3294.

This bill would transfer only the Vocational Rehabilitation (including
transition) services and the Business Enterprise program to the Texas
Workforce Commission.

AVIT believes that ALL programs for the blind need to be transferred to the
same agency for more efficient and economic delivery of services and
supervision and for continuity across the life span. Therefore, we want the
legislature to add the Blind Children’s’ Program with the others moving to
the Texas Workforce Commission. It appears as though the IL programs will be
moved there by federal regulations, which is good, so we don't need to
advocate for that as strongly.

If you can join us at the Capitol, please let Nancy know. We will meet in
Room E2.030 at 7:30am. You can give up to 3 minute testimony asking to move
the Blind Children's Program to the TWC. If you can't stay, you can register
and hand in written testimony. Please tell your own story and make it

For those who cannot attend, please craft a short personal statement about
the need for the Blind Children's Program to stay as part of the blindness
system. We may be able to collect those and share them with the committee
either at the hearing or in advance.

The Alliance of and for Visually Impaired Texans (AVIT), a coalition of 28
organizations of and for persons with blindness or visual impairment,
strongly urges the continuation of all programs serving this population,
BCVDDP, VR, Criss Cole, and ILS for individuals who are blind to remain
together to ensure high quality programs with positive outcomes,
cost-effectiveness, and efficiency of service delivery to the children and
adults of Texas who are blind or visually impaired.

Thanks for your quick action on this critical matter affecting all people
with blindness in Texas. There will be more action needed as the Senate bill
hearings occur, so please stay tuned - we will need a great deal of
coordinated effort to accomplish this important task!

Nancy Toelle, AVIT Chair
Alliance of and for Visually Impaired Texans

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