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Steve, I was inquiring about two subjects,  one the member sent same day you 
sent your post. I believe it was Amy. First; I am a DB provider contracted with 
Daybreak Community Services in Ft. Worth I'm sure some of them are on this 
list. I have one female that lives in my home.  Has her own Bath & Bedroom with 
extra twin bed. I train in sign language and everything from being an 
Intervener to DayHab. I've been a certified interpreter for the deaf since 
1980. I started young! I began training and a provider  with Daybreak since 
1999, to present. I was a case Manager & group home supervisor for the Deaf 
Blind with Advocates Care, before Daybreak Community Services bought the home 
and took over the Deaf/Blind services. Jeannie Page sign me on when she opened 
DayBreak/ Texas Sunrise Service
The reason,  I am saying this, is not to "TOOT MY HORN" LOL. BUT, to say it's 
not easy-to-use find providers in This area, that are contacted, with expertise 
in working with Deaf/Blind. If I'm uninformed, then I would love to meet them 
and share info!. Besides, all th the above, I've got interpreted all overall 
cities in Texas, Denton's Women College; Florida State University;  as an,  
Supported Employment Trainer, for, Mentally and Physically challenged. I really 
would like to meet others with same. My working with just about every 
Disability, has given me cherished experiences and knowledge.  I've met some of 
the most precious deaf, Blind,  all disabilities, precious, precious 
individual's.  I started in 1978,Austin,Texas. Remember way back in those days 
Steve? It was just State Of Texas Rehabilitation?  And Texas Community For the 
Blind,  Wow I'm so glad we've come this FAR!!   I remember so we'll 
interpreting so many years for Tx. Rehab in Austin and T.A.B.C. I hope got the 
Int. Right.  Amy? To the member that's wanting to change providers,  Please 
find one that Knows about how to work with Duel Sensory disability! If I had a 
child/adult, with D/B, I'd would want some assurance of their skills.  Good 

Gayle-Deaf/Blind Trainer 4 Equality Life

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Heather wrote the following----   My 4-year old son, Orion, is in the same 
shoes as Amy's daughter, a spot opened up for him the week before Christmas.
I have a question:
One agency- Disability Services of the Southwest- has a new specialist 
running their DBMD section and she told me that kids 18 and under cannot 
get what she called recreational therapy (hope she isn't talking about 
hippotherapy, aquatic and music therapies). 

I hope she is sorely mistaken. If she is, I need to follow up. They have
9 DBMD clients. (I'm interested in hearing from those of you who work
with DSSW.) I'm calling the 4 other agencies on my list this week.

Heather Withrow

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