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Follow up- For us all the paid activities in the world wouldn't be truly 
accessible without an intervener. So the program that pays for the intervener= 
access and that trumps all
I should have just said that in the last one... :) It's late and I have holiday 
mush brain
Hugs to all!
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 21:56:23 -0600
Subject: [dbmat] Forwarding message from Heather
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Heather wrote the following----   My 4-year old son, Orion, is in the same 
shoes as Amy's daughter, a spot opened up for him the week before Christmas.I 
have a question:One agency- Disability Services of the Southwest- has a new 
specialist running their DBMD section and she told me that kids 18 and under 
cannot get what she called recreational therapy (hope she isn't talking about 
hippotherapy, aquatic and music therapies). I hope she is sorely mistaken. If 
she is, I need to follow up. They have9 DBMD clients. (I'm interested in 
hearing from those of you who workwith DSSW.) I'm calling the 4 other agencies 
on my list this week.Thanks,Heather Withrow

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