[dbmat] Re: FMSA or CDS?

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The benefit of using the agency option is that you have less responsibility.
Not everyone has the time or is able to find their own attendants and deal with
the timesheets etc. I have included a link to some forms that go over the
differences. You should have seen them when you first chose the CDS option.


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Thanks Jacqueline, we have used the CDS option so I'm kind of familiar but was
wondering, for those who use the Agency option, what's the benefit?

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Hi Catherine,

I believe that FMSA is the new name for CDSA - when you select the CDS option,
then you hire or contract with a FMSA or CDSA (old name) to complete your
payroll and file your taxes. This may help you too:

When we selected the CDS option, we were told that it would enable us to pay
our folks a little bit higher rate of pay and it would enable us to hire and
fire our attendants or employees rather than going through an agency or service
coordinator that would hire and fire the attendants. My daughter is a tactile
signer and so I wanted to be able to hire folks that would work with her to
ensure that they actually knew sign language and not just the alphabet. We
have changed FMSAs and have found that we are still educating the FMSA on DBMD
rules. We DBMD folks are few and far between so it seems.

We enjoy the CDS option and have not tried going through the agency to hire our
attendants so I have no experience to share with you. Maybe others can help
with that.

Jacqueline Izaguirre

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Hey everyone! I'm trying to gather as much info as I can on this subject:
Financial Management Service Agency (FMSA) Vs. Consumer Directed Services (CDS)
for DBMD Waiver? What are the pros and cons of each?

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