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Dear All,

I just want to echo Susie's and others concern for what may be our last chance
to do anything about the Blind Children's Services. Children that are blind
and their families have difficulty enough with moving and transitioning through
the different services. For some reason, the Sunset Advisory Committee has
recommended that all the programs should go to the Texas Work Force, except the
Blind Children's Services.

Whether this may directly affect you or not, please know that DBMAT's stand is
that all blind services SHOULD STAY TOGETHER! Please take time to call and
email the following Senators below.

Your help will be very much appreciated

Melanie Knapp

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DBMAT members call or email Senators Zaffirini , Estes and Hall's office
today or first thing in the morning to advocate for the Blind Childrens
Program to stay with the other blindness services. Email addresses listed
below. This is coming up for vote as soon as tomorrow. Please "ACT" TODAY so
we keep these essential services together.
Thank you


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Subject: [AVIT] Immediate action needed -TODAY

The DARS/DBS blindness services are being pulled apart. We need all membe
rs to write to Senators Zaffirini, Estes and Hall TODAY to strongly advocate
for the Blind Children's Program to stay with the other blindness services.
Senate Bill 208 may be voted on as early as tomorrow and moves all other DBS
services to the Tx Workforce Commission without the Blind Children's

Without the infrastructure and staff support of the VR system, the
Children's Program will not have the resources needed to continue to provide
blindness-specific supports to Texas families.

We need calls and emails coming into the Senate offices NOW from AVIT
members across the state.

Please email Senators Estes, Zaffirini and Hall.

For Senator Estes please email your comments to Tatem Reagan, the committee
clerk. His email address is tatum.reagan_sc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Senator Zaffirini's staff person is Isabel Casas and her email address is

Senator Hall's staff person on this issue is Boyd Bush. His email address is

Go to www.AllianceVItexans.org/sunset-commission/keep-together-4/
for more talking points. To learn more about AVIT (23 year old state
coalition), visit the AVIT website.

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