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Quick reminder/request for Awards Nominations! :-)

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On Jul 9, 2015, at 11:00 PM, Hartman Family <hartmanfam28@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello all!

Hope you and your family are enjoying your summer!

I am writing to ask that you all submit your nominations for our 3 awards to
be given at our DBMAT Camp to be held Sept. 18-20th!

Below is a list of the awards, a brief description and the past recipients.

Please send your nominations to any of the following Awards Committee Members
for 2015:

Wayne Thompson - cell: 325.725.7181 or
home: 325.235.8253
Catherine Allen - email: catherine_allen06@xxxxxxxxx
Edgenie Bellah - email: bellahe@xxxxxxxxx
Melanie Knapp - email: rmknapp14@xxxxxxxxx
Vivecca Hartman - email: hartmanfam28@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Each year, DBMAT is pleased to recognize outstanding members with the
following 3 awards:

Christian Knapp, The Great Motivator, Award -- Awarded to a deaf-blind
individual. Since 2005, DBMAT recognizes the notable accomplishments of
individuals who are deaf-blind who are role models or improve the quality
of life for people who are deaf-blind and have other disabilities by
presenting "The Great Motivator award." Past recipients include
- Lee Ann Bryan (2006)
- Joanne Rand (2007)
- Caleb Thompson (2008)
- Chris Palasota (2009)
- Preston Fansler (2010)
- Brett Priddy (2011)
- Jaceson Welch (2012)
- Christopher Hartman (2013)
- Rachel Allen (2014)

Everett Bryan Award -- Awarded to a professional. The DBMAT "Everett
Bryan Award was established in 2005, in honor of the late Everett Bryan
who was a long-time supporter and steady worker for DBMAT. This award
recognizes professionals and volunteers whose dedication and achievements
have improved the lives of people who are deaf-blind and have other
disabilities. Past recipients include
- Craig Axelrod (2006)
- Helen Porter (2007)
- C.C. Davis (2008)
- Gay Belamy (2009)
- David Wiley (2010)
- Jenny Lace (2011)
- Rachel Simpson (2012)
- Cyral Miller (2013)
- Edgenie Bellah (2014)

Olivia Cruz Award - Awarded to a family or family member. The DBMAT
"Olivia Cruz Award," established in 2005, recognizes family leaders who
have made a significant contribution to the lives of persons who are
deaf-blind and their families. The award highlights the work of parents
who have emerged as leaders in the community. Families who receive this
award may do some of the following: 1) increase the number of families
involved in DBMAT; 2) regularly get out in the community to advocate for
all persons who are deaf-blind and have other disabilities; 3) promote
the work of DBMAT with the media and elected officials; 4) lead efforts
to improve or reform school and community services; 5) work behind the
scenes, doing the nuts-and-bolts tasks that make DBMAT function
effectively; and 6) provide a model for future family leaders through
their selfless acts. Past recipients include:
- Hartman Family (2005)
- Bud and Lynn Freeman (2006)
- Welch Family (2007)
- Knapp Family (2008)
- Khan Family (2009)
- Cyndi Hunley (2010)
- Givens Family (2011)
- Daley Family (2012)
- Mary Smith (2013)- Danny’s Aunt
- Wayne Thompson (2014)

Please make your nominations by August 20th.

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