[dbmat] Correction to my last post BIG CORRECTION!!

  • From: Stephen Schoen <stephenschoen351@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 16:17:21 -0500

Well---In my last post,  I left out the part of the conversation from
Carolyn Daley which clearly states the copied intervener rates were from
the provider, Perry Lea.   So.... the administrative costs of Perry Lea
were already subtracted from the rates.  I think that is a pretty great
salary for interveners.

Here is Carolyn's paragraph which I omitted:
This form was handed out at a DADS training held by David Wiley. This is
perry lee home health rates. To be fair-Every budget created may have
varying ways money is allocated. So use as guideline but be aware numbers
may vary. The direct service agency's participation level also impacts pay.

Also... as a penance, I am attaching the rates which DADS pays to providers
for each DBMD service.   Administrative costs ARE subtracted from these
rates before paychecks are cut.  This is a link to the HHSC DBMD rates


OK-----   THat's all the confusion I can spread for one day.    steve

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