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Thanks for the feedback Heidi – I was also very certain that more than two 
individuals have signed up.  It would be good, … from an advocacy standpoint, … 
to have some kind of accounting for the numbers on the interest list, … those 
processed, … and any information that is obtainable about reasons for not 
signing up.  My impression is that it has taken a pretty good while to process 
the paperwork.  My probing of the situation indicates a problem early on with 
the providers and DADS pointing fingers at each other, which only makes things 
worse, … but this early problem seemed somewhat related to providers not 
practicing that much on the DBMD Waiver process.  This can’t account for all 
delays as some providers were already serving a handful of DBMD consumers.  It 
seems that there are details in the process that may be part of today’s process 
which were not really focused on in previous years – I chalk that up to new 
personnel working the DBMD Waiver who are coming over from CLASS        or some 
other Waiver, with a more thorough process in place.   The communication and 
resolution of problems is taking too much time.  In some instances, the 
provider isn’t writing a plan with proper justification - there is one example 
of a parent providing a complete plan from another Waiver, and the provider 
doesn’t get the writing done correctly, even with this “template.”  My 
understanding from Kathi Montalbano is that DADS is trying to address any 
issues that come up through training, … so I’m not sure if things are any 
better as of today.  A statistic that would be good to keep is a “mean” of what 
time it takes to do the process, … and a list of reasons for delays for those 
application that are over that “average” time.  Data can help point out the 
problems and improve strategies.

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Good morning all! This is Heidi (PerryLee agency). I wanted to make a quick 
comment on the DBMD enrollment part. We alone have enrolled probably around 10 
+/-, so the "2" count must be a mistake. However I can still tell you a few 
reasons the number isn't higher: some individuals on the list do not qualify 
(they don't have to be qualified to be on the list), some parents ARE afraid 
and don't want to change from their current program, some just simply don't 
contact us back (that's with us making several phone calls and sending out a 
certified letter), and I imagine there are many that are pending. It's taking 
DADS 3-4 months to enroll each person. On one occasion, an individual signed up 
for a different service while waiting for DADS to approve their plan!!!! You 
can imagine what a mess that was! Anyway, I hope some of this insight helps. 
And be assured that the numbers are much higher that 2 individuals. :). Have a 
great day!!!!

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Conference planning/DBMAT Board meeting
Members on call;  Melanie, Vivicca, Steve, Christine, Oretha, Gina, Denise and 

The first 30 minutes of call discussion was on camp and finalizing everything.

The DBMAT Board meeting started at 8:00P.M.

ON 8/10/2014 a few members of the Executive Board met and talked about the 
budget.  We are not getting the Hilton Perkins grant which is approximately 
$4000.00 that we will not be receiving.  Some of the things we can cut back on 
1.  Free conference line.  The one we used previously costs approximately 
$100/mo.  This line we use now is FREE!
2.  Positive Connection Line. We cancelled this.  It was costing approximately 
$300/yr.  Now they call Melanie's home number and leave a message.  Her number 
is on the website.
3.  Newsletter.  Printing and mailing cost us $1800/yr.  The question as to 
whether we should go paperless was discussed.  Everyone agreed that we should.  
We could possibly send out post cards to all members to let them know that we 
were going paperless.  The post card should include;
     1.  Renew membership
     2.  Ask for email address
     3.  Paperless   Yes   or    No
    They would possibly respond by email or call and leave a message.
We need to let them know somehow that if they are not going to stay active as 
member then their name will be removed/deleted from the list. We would need to 
put a date to reply by as well.   Nothing was decided on specifically.  We will 
discuss this more.
Christine noted that of the 546 members app 346 have emails.  of the 198 with 
out emails, 148 have not renewed in 5 years.
4.  Reimbursement of mileage.  We do not have a mileage budget so to speak.  In 
the past we have reimbursed members ____/mile for travel (I did not get the 
amount).  Our reimbursement costs last year where very costly.  We are looking 
into paying the Volunteer rate which is cheaper than the IRS rate....?This is 
something that will be discussed in future meeting.  We did agree that it is 
important that DBMAT is present at these meetings (Task force, etc) and that 
especially during the legislative year reimbursement of mileage will help.  We 
did decide that prior approval would be necessary for mileage reimbursement.   
Also, whoever is attending the meetings will need to report to the board soon 
after the meeting with information obtained/gained from the meetings.

So....all of these "cuts" in budget would reduce our costs by app. $3100.00.  
DBMAT operating budget comes from 1) registration fees from camp and 2) 
membership registration.  Last year this totaled app $4200.00.  So, we are 
really in pretty good shape now.
5.  American Foundation for the Blind event is Saturday, October 11th in Waco 
from 10-3.  They have asked if DBMAT would like to have a display during the 
event.  This is a state event but they are tied directly to the national level 
and is benefit DBMAT to attend this.  So, if someone is willing please let 
Melanie know as soon as possible.
6.  DBMD waiver.  (Ok, so I was tired by this time and my notes do not make 
much sense!!)  There is much concern about the reports coming out from DADs 
about the number of people actually enrolling in the waiver.  It looks like 
only 2 people were registered over the last year.  What happened to the rest of 
the folks on the waiting list?  Apparently, the report is about a quarter 
behind in their numbers.  There will be another task force meeting in November 
and their numbers should be more accurate.
Why are people not getting on the waiver?  Possibly because they are 
overwhelmed or they are afraid to get away from their comfort zone.  This is a 
serious issue and one that will be discussed at a later date.  Especially with 
the oncoming legislative year.

Meeting was over at 10:30P.M.

See you all at camp!!!

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