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The sponsorship is from Scholarships that DBMAT gives out.  This is how we use 
the funds from the Christian Knapp Memorial Golf Tournaments.

If you go to www.dbmat-tx.org website, you will find the scholarship 
information and application to submit to Melanie Knapp.

Due to our state wide DBMD Medicaid waiver requiring college level courses for 
the increased pay for Intervener's who have continued their education, the 
courses taken do have to be for college credit.  Yes, this does cause the cost 
to be higher than if you were auditing the course.

If I can help answer any other questions, please let me know!

Happy New Year!

Best regards,
Vivecca Hartman

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> On Jan 6, 2015, at 11:23 AM, TXANGEL4Real (Redacted sender 
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>      Hi, I would like to share my input and a question from Carol Delays' 
> email on ,The On Line Courses  for Intervenenors, on Jan 7th, I spoke with 
> Fran Pane at the University in Utah, she told me that Vivica Harmon? ( sorry 
> not sure of her first name spelling),  has a sponsor list. How many does she 
> sponsor and what are the requirements?  And how can someone whose worked with 
> D/B for years, apply? I would ask her directly, I'm not certain how.
>   The course/classes are quite expensive for under graduate college credits, 
> about  $1,500.00!  but some of the other options are half that . What I 
> understood from Fran Panes' discussion with me on the phone. For for 
> residential habilitation providers that amount is quite a bit who also is 
> doing intervenor work along with residential habilitation and not being paid 
> by the agency they contract with according to the new pay scale announced in 
> 2013. Believe me, it's a stall with my agency!
> But I truly would like to know about the Sponsorship that Ms. Harmon 
> provides?   Thank you!
> Gayle-Deaf/Blind R.H.P/ Trainer -4 Equality Life!
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