[dbmat] Re: Carol Daley Info On Interveners Course Utah State Univ DB

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I don't know if you saw my email earlier, so let me see if I can help. DBMAT 
sponsors scholarships for the online classes at Utah State University  

You can get the information from our website.  Www.dbmat-tx.org.
 There is information and the application for the scholarship on the website.  
Please let me know if you need any help.

Melanie Knapp

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>      Hi, I would like to share my input and a question from Carol Delays' 
> email on ,The On Line Courses  for Intervenenors, on Jan 7th, I spoke with 
> Fran Pane at the University in Utah, she told me that Vivica Harmon? ( sorry 
> not sure of her first name spelling),  has a sponsor list. How many does she 
> sponsor and what are the requirements?  And how can someone whose worked with 
> D/B for years, apply? I would ask her directly, I'm not certain how.
>   The course/classes are quite expensive for under graduate college credits, 
> about  $1,500.00!  but some of the other options are half that . What I 
> understood from Fran Panes' discussion with me on the phone. For for 
> residential habilitation providers that amount is quite a bit who also is 
> doing intervenor work along with residential habilitation and not being paid 
> by the agency they contract with according to the new pay scale announced in 
> 2013. Believe me, it's a stall with my agency!
> But I truly would like to know about the Sponsorship that Ms. Harmon 
> provides?   Thank you!
> Gayle-Deaf/Blind R.H.P/ Trainer -4 Equality Life!
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