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Title: June 2008 Digital Bear Entertainment News
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Artist Development, and Music Production

The Importance of Follow Up - Oops!

Last month's newsletter alluded to an article by JT about the importance of follow-up. We learned a good lesson about the importance of checking our links. Sorry we linked to another article. We'll send the correct link next month, but wanted to leave space this month for:

Interview in EM with Derek Sivers of CDBaby

Derek is an old friend of JT's and one of few in the industry whose heart is really behind independent musicians. EM did an interview with Derek last month and we feel that everyone should have a look at what he had to say:

When it comes to the independent music scene, few people are more knowledgeable than Derek Sivers (see Fig. 1). He began his music career as a guitarist and later founded CD Baby (cdbaby.com), which quickly became one of the most high-profile independent music sites on the Web. The site offers musicians both an inexpensive way to sell their music (physical CDs and digital downloads) and a large community to market it to. More...

DBE Signs Pact with Orange Amps

Orange Amps

DBE takes delivery of first Orange product, their 112lbs 4x12 cabinet, under this agreement. This will complement the Orange Tiny Terror head and other fine amps at the studio perfectly.

Recent Acts at DBE Studio

JT and The Guild auditioned many candidates for drummer and bassist this month at DVE Studio. Now renamed The News Collisions, with Mike Forrester and Alex Athans joining Scott and Sarah, the rest of the month was spent rehearsing, arranging, developing image, clothing and stage presence with Jordan in the studio.

JT continues mixing the long anticipated album for the Guy Mendilow Band.

Digital Bear Entertainment Studio For Sale

DBE continues to offer this grand home/ facility for sale. Located in Boston MA, this stunning home comes complete with built in, David Moulton designed, studio. For all the details, click on 28seaverns.com
Music Licensing (for TV and Film)
www.dbemusic.com Site for Artists
www.songsforsync.com Site for Supervisors
Jordan Tishler in June EM (Electronic Musician) Magazine

EM logo

On newsstands now! The June 2008 issue of EM (formerly known as Electronic Musician) features a 2 page interview with DBE producer/president Jordan Tishler. Interviewed by RAVI (www.heyravi.com), JT gives tips and insight into how this industry works, how bands can succeed today, and how to get help making your goals a reality. In typical JT style, no holds are barred, no punches pulled, just the straight dope. Check it out. Page 80.

JT speaks at Mamapalooza


Mamapalooza is a national organization to promoted women who are mothers and who ROCK. Mamapalooza Music Conference hit NYC this month. DBE producer Jordan Tishler spoke on the role of the modern producer and how to choose one, to how to work with a team of music professional as an independent artist (DII - Do It Indepedently), and how to use modern technology to advance your career. It was a fun, well attended conference, and as usual, JT met lots of great folk; both musicians and industry insiders. See you at IMC (the Independent Music Conference)!

The Guild Now The New Collisions

The New Collisions is the name taken by the new indie rock band, previously with the working name The Guild. Last month DBE signed a development deal with the husband and wife team of Scott and Sarah Guild. The band is now working with JT to refine their songs, image, stage presence, and ultimately recordings. It's a long road to the top... but these guys are on their way. Having auditioned and added Mike Forrester on drums and Alex Athans on bass rehearsals, bookings, photos and a website are under way. Think indie rock with touches of glam and punk. Think "urgent vocals of Pat Benatar and P.J. Harvey with the huge, driving sound of modern bands like Arcade Fire and The Killers. " More to come...

Don't Eat Ramen For The Rest of Your Life!

dbemusic.com, continues to recruit more wonderful songs. Particular opportunities exist for rhythmic hard rock/metal, hip hop, latin pop, and rhythmic/heavy electronica. Click the here for all the details.

dBE.Music specializes in placement of music in TV, Film, Advertising and other sound for picture uses. dBE.Music takes a very hands-ons, boutique approach to selling your music to Producers and Music Supervisors. This means that they can trust that we bring them only the best music and the right music for their needs, and that your music is heard and taken seriously.

Sign up @ dbemusic.com.

The Radio Knights and singer Matt Dahan send their latest EP "Happen". These are local boys from the south shore of Boston, and they recorded and produced this effort themselves (I assume at home, though they didn't indicate). This record sounds good. Well recorded and well mixed; nice guitars, good harmonies. Good job! You get extra points for making an EP up front. After listening to your stuff on disc and on myspace, I'm wondering why the myspace mp3 actually sound better than the disc? Remastered maybe?

Occasionally the drums could use some work, occasionally the lead vocals could be stronger. However, my lingering qualms stem from confusion over who these guys are (as a band). They called themselves "power-pop" on their entry form. The EP cover has dark colors (blacks and browns) with yellow images of the band, the city, and other hard to identify stuff; the band is also hard to discern but the one visible guy looks like a Wolverine wannabe. So I'm already confused. The cover, and even their name, suggests 70s scag rockers, the form makes me anticipate bubble-gum, huh? The music is straight up pop-rock; a bit too smooth for me; makes me think of The Gin Blossoms or 3 Doors Down. Of course, the piano evokes Billy Joel who they mention as an influence. Again, it's really well executed ­ it's a great listen ­ just a bit background-y for me. A lot of "I really love you" songs and "we've gotta get outa here" songs. Is there any need for those after Bruce? These guys are really talented, now let's push the envelope a bit, shall we?

Check them out yourselves at myspace.com/theradioknights. (BTW, every band should have their own website, not just a myspace page).

Enter the Jordan's Picks Contest for a chance to have your music reviewed by veteran producer Jordan Tishler. You'll get to see your review in the space above and get a great industry quote. Winners also receive a free hour of our Music Consultation Service, a $49 value, to improve already great projects.

To enter, download, fill out and sign this PDF, send it along with your latest and greatest (doesn't have to be a whole album) on CD (or CDR) to "Jordan's Picks" c/o DBE PO Box 301090 Boston MA 02130.

For more info about our Music Consultation Service click here.

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