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Artist Development, and Music Production

The Motion Sick in Motion

The Motion Sick are making strides again with their recent inclusion on Xbox 
360's Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 and the Playstation 3 Dance Dance 
Revolution X along with Devo and The Pet Shop Boys! The track is from their 
recent album, The Truth Will Catch You, Just Wait... produced in part by JT on 
Naked Ear Records. For more info click here.

New Gear at DBE Studio

The newest addition to the DBE studio is the oh, so glamorous Apple MacPro 
2.8GHZ Octocore computer. This replaces our trusty G5 which has gone to LA to 
catch some rays in exchange for a brand new UAD-2 Quad card. Power to burn!

New plugs include iZotope's iDrum, Toontrack's Superior 2.0, URS Saturation, 
Waves SSL 4000.

Recent Acts at DBE

The New Collisions cut three new tracks at DBE with producer Jordan Tishler: 
They Caged Us Kids and Constellations, and a cover of Blondie's Hanging On The 
Telephone. Finishing touches are being done now. Check them out here!

Digital Bear Entertainment Studio For Sale

DBE continues to offer this grand home/ facility for sale. Located in Boston MA 
(Jamaica Plain), this stunning condo comes complete with built in, David 
Moulton designed studio.

Encompassing over 3000 sq feet on 3 levels with 3 bedrooms, two full baths with 
Jacuzzi, deck, private entrance/garden, stunning ceilings and period oak 

The studio is over 1000 sq feet with stone-lined live room. For more info, 
email house@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Music Licensing (for TV and Film)
www.dbemusic.com Site for Artists
www.songsforsync.com Site for Supervisors
Show Your Loyalties
In an ongoing theme from last month when we talked about bringing humanity into 
the music business, this month let's talk a bit about loyalty. Loyalty is a 
pretty basic concept and is really the heart of all good, long-term human 
relationships. It is also the key to both personal and business success. It's a 
sadly lacking quality these days. If we are to fix the music industry, we're 
going to need more.

In a study published last week, a California ethics institute surveyed 
approximately 30,000 high schoolers from across the United States and found 
that 65% admitted to having cheated on a test in the last year; 45% had 
plagiarized from the Internet; 35% had stolen physical items from a store! The 
conclusion of the ethics institute was that Americans are being raised with too 
permissive an attitude toward ethics; they are less and less able to tell what 
is right or wrong; or they simply see no reason to care. This mentality has a 
huge effect on what you're up against as an Artist or music industry 

Consider your role as an Artist or professional: You too have to generate the 
goodwill and the connection to instill loyalty in your peeps. More...

Lieutenant Booda On Patrol

Last month we told you about Dave Booda, now signed to DBE for production and 
management, who stunned Jordan Tishler with his captivating hallway performance 
at SS Cape May last spring. Did we mention that Booda is a Lieutenant in the 
Navy. When he's not rocking, he's pitching and rolling as he pilots vast ships. 
Go figure! Right now Booda is somewhere out at sea, en route to his home base 
in San Diego.

Booda's rare combination of eye-pleasing appearance, piercing songwriting, and 
captivating voice sets him apart. JT and the DBE staff are now working round 
the clock with Dave to refine his style and make him a household name. Check 
out his demos here.

Your Music in TV and Film. You'd Like That, Wouldn't You?
dbemusic.com, continues to recruit more wonderful songs. Particular 
opportunities exist for rhythmic hard rock/metal, hip hop, latin pop, and 
rhythmic/heavy electronica. Click the here for all the details.

dBE.Music specializes in placement of music in TV, Film, Advertising and other 
sound for picture uses. dBE.Music takes a very hands-ons, boutique approach to 
selling your music to Producers and Music Supervisors. This means that they can 
trust that we bring them only the best music and the right music for their 
needs, and that your music is heard and taken seriously.

Sign up @ dbemusic.com.

Rew is persistent! Kudos. High marks. She not only sent me her demo package 
twice in 6 months, mistakenly assuming I'd forgotten her - I assume, but she 
hand personalizes each one. Points! Moreover, she had a great way of 
personalizing the package that leaves the recipient feeling very directly 
addressed. Her take on promotion is inspiring.

Rew's music is pure, raw garage. Its got that New York attitude. Very dirty 
lyrics. Yay! Comparison to the very "in-this-week" Television are obvious in 
the understated playing and stripped production. [As I wrote this, I was 
unaware that Billy Ficca of Television actually drummed on the album - guess it 
really comes through.] As female vocalists, I hear equal parts Patti Smith (not 
Smyth) and Siouxsie. On the other hands, some of the lyrics and vocal melodies 
channel Jane's Addiction, of all things. Overall, not bad company (no pun 
intended). Stand out tracks include U Suck, and Megan.

To add some constructive advice, I'd love to hear the arrangements fill out a 
bit. It doesn't have to become self-consciously over-produced, but this feels a 
bit "we just banged it out". I'd love to hear the vocals push a bit harder into 
the very sexy or very angry range, given the lyrical content. At the same time, 
a bit more technique might be a worthy goal.

Because packaging and image matter, and I've raved about Rew's packaging so 
far, I would add that I was confused somewhat by it as well. All the cutesy 
handwritten notes, drawings, stickers, buttons, pink inserts and cover art had 
me expecting mynx-y bubblegum. The photos, on the other hand, look very scary 
psycho ex-girlfriend. As you can see, her music is much more the latter than 
the former. Although, in a weird and scary way, I can tie these images 
together. Eek! I'm not sure it works, however, as a professional might have 
been turned off by the initial image confusion.

I really like Rew. Her music is very topical, often dirty, and very blunt. She 
says what we're all thinking. The rawness works in this context. I highly 
recommend that you all take a listen. Head over to www.luvrew.com

Follow up from last month: Anya of Drumlin sent me a lovely thankyou note. 
Thank you, Anya! Way to connect the dots. Drumlin www.drumlin.ca

Enter the Jordan's Picks Contest for a chance to have your music reviewed by 
veteran producer Jordan Tishler. You'll get to see your review in the space 
above and get a great industry quote. Winners also receive a free hour of our 
Music Consultation Service, a $49 value, to improve already great projects.

To enter, download, fill out and sign this PDF, send it along with your latest 
and greatest (doesn't have to be a whole album) on CD (or CDR) to "Jordan's 
Picks" c/o DBE PO Box 301090 Boston MA 02130.

For more info about our Music Consultation Service click here.

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