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Artist Development, and Music Production

The Importance of Follow Up - Here it is!

Sort of a double Oops from last newsletter: last newsletter we promised this 
article the following month. As many of you know, we've been having some server 
trouble since, and this is our first newsletter in a while. So without further 

Follow up is hard, but its importance can't be stressed enough. Many artists 
send me demo packages, but few ever follow up. The same is true with EPKs or 
any other sort of submission. Let's look at why follow up is so important and 
why it's so hard. More...

New Gear at DBE Studio

Mike Castoro's wonderful Wunder Audio CM7 has joined the DBE arsenal. This is a 
beautiful, hand built, modern replica of the famous Neumann U47. All the 
spectacular warmth, clarity and larger-than-life presence in a modern elite 

Guitars and amps: A Jordan Tishler original 1967-ish Fender Stratocaster, hand 
build by JT from original vintage parts including pickups from 1967. Reeves 
Custom 6 head (Reeves was the original designer of Hiwatt). Marshall 1983 2204 
50 watt head. Avatar 2x12 with Celestion Blue Bulldog speakers.

Recent Acts at DBE

The New Collisions cut two tracks with JT at DBE, Underground and Parachutes on 
the Dancefloor. Two more tracks, They Caged Us Kids and Constellations, are 
scheduled for the next month. Of note, these tracks are for an upcoming "new 
millenium" marketing, distribution, and sales vehicle being developed for TNC 
by DBE. Check them out here!

The newest release from The Guy Mendilow Band, Skyland, edited and mixed by 
Jordan Tishler, mastered by Mark Donohue at Soundmirro is available (whew!) 
Click here!.

Digital Bear Entertainment Studio For Sale

DBE continues to offer this grand home/ facility for sale. Located in Boston MA 
(Jamaica Plain), this stunning condo comes complete with built in, David 
Moulton designed studio.

Encompassing over 3000 sq feet on 3 levels with 3 bedrooms, two full baths with 
Jacuzzi, deck, private entrance/garden, stunning ceilings and period oak 

The studio is over 1000 sq feet with stone-lined live room. For more info, 
email house@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Music Licensing (for TV and Film)
www.dbemusic.com Site for Artists
www.songsforsync.com Site for Supervisors
How Not to Get Ahead
As we think about values in the political arena for this approaching November, 
how so how about some plain-old Values for the Music Industry? If getting 
ahead, making money, and becoming famous is all you're about then this article 
and, indeed, the music business is no place for you. Music is fundamentally 
about art, its connection to humanity, and the connections it fosters between 

Selling this art is the business of music - and we can see how well that's been 
going lately. The music business, if it is to be reformed, improved and 
resurrected needs to ground itself in its core value once again. A good place 
to start is with the values of its practitioners. More...

DBE Signs Dave Booda for Production and Management

Dave Booda is the name of an audacious young singer/songwriter. Now signed to a 
management and production deal with DBE, JT was stunned last spring when he met 
Dave. "I was sitting in the hallway chatting with some industry buddies at the 
John Harris' Cape May Singer Songwriter Conference, when this kid walks right 
up, pulls up a chair and whips out his guitar. He says, 'I got something I 
gotta play for you.' I was sort of mid sentence with my friends and only half 
paying attention when out comes this song, "'All My Love.' My jaw hit the 
floor, my conversation forgotten entirely."

That rare combination of eye-pleasing appearance, piercing songwriting, and 
captivating voice sets Dave Booda apart. JT and the DBE staff are now working 
round the clock with Dave to refine his style and make him a household name. 
More to come, def.

Don't Eat Ramen For The Rest of Your Life!
dbemusic.com, continues to recruit more wonderful songs. Particular 
opportunities exist for rhythmic hard rock/metal, hip hop, latin pop, and 
rhythmic/heavy electronica. Click the here for all the details.

dBE.Music specializes in placement of music in TV, Film, Advertising and other 
sound for picture uses. dBE.Music takes a very hands-ons, boutique approach to 
selling your music to Producers and Music Supervisors. This means that they can 
trust that we bring them only the best music and the right music for their 
needs, and that your music is heard and taken seriously.

Sign up @ dbemusic.com.

Damn this is good! The new CD from Drumlin is worth paying for! You all know 
how rarely I gush about anything. Drumlin is a band from Nova Scotia comprised 
of 4 family members, only one of who is over 18 years (I believe). Mackerel 
Skies, their disc, is a collection of songs written by Nova Scotian songwriters 
over the last century, and collected by folk-archivist Helen Creighton. This 
ambitious disc manages to present these folk songs with modern production that 
makes them fresh and listenable. In fact, some are quite danceable.

Well packaged in eco-friendly materials, clad in browns with traditional 
instruments on the cover, the CD is a wealth of interesting tidbits about Ms. 
Creighton, Nova Scotian history, and the Gaelic origins of the band's name. 
Yet, the production by Tim Feswick is a masterful preservation of the 
traditional element of the songs combined with modern instruments, sonic 
signature, and arrangement. The songs are obviously traditional in subject - 
quite a bit about fish and fishing - and yet the band evokes Toad The Wet 
Sprocket, The Proclaimers, and even occasionally The Monkees (go figure). 
Fellow Nova Scotian rockers April Wine come to mind on the album closer, 
Homeward Bound.

Standout tracks include Sailor Boy, Let Go Your Bowline, The Twa Brothers, and 
Silvy. I guess I'm just a sucker for a good song - modern arrangement just 
turns my head. Go buy this disc! www.drumlin.ca

Enter the Jordan's Picks Contest for a chance to have your music reviewed by 
veteran producer Jordan Tishler. You'll get to see your review in the space 
above and get a great industry quote. Winners also receive a free hour of our 
Music Consultation Service, a $49 value, to improve already great projects.

To enter, download, fill out and sign this PDF, send it along with your latest 
and greatest (doesn't have to be a whole album) on CD (or CDR) to "Jordan's 
Picks" c/o DBE PO Box 301090 Boston MA 02130.

For more info about our Music Consultation Service click here.

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