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  • From: Adrian Crafer <acrafer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 07:46:00 +0100

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> My experience is that a page size is shown, but clicking on the icon to
> the right of the page size to open the menu to change page size results
> in an error message. I believe I've got the definitions of the menus
> wrong.
Here the menu opens, but nothing happens when you click a paper size.

> However on Windows this is not a big deal anyway - unlike RISC OS,
> windows expand to fill the screen, so zooming should let you get at
> anything.

> If I find I can't see all of an image I almost never change the page
> size, what I do, is change the images resolution using the two dpi icons
> in the info palette. This only changes how the image is displayed -
> compare with using the Edit->resize function which actually alters the
> data.
I have not tried printing. I suppose fit to paper size would work, but 
then there would be a loss of scale for scaled drawings. I mainly want 
to use it for making 1 bpp drawings out of scans I have done. 
Everything else I have tried seems to end up with a higher bpp when 
convert to black and white is selected rather than gray scale.

Adrian Crafer


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