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  • From: Gavin Crawford <gav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2022 16:19:32 +0000

On 28-11-2022 14:37, David Pilling wrote:

OK, how about this, we have a temporary text frame on the master
pages, and we put in it text which is auto numbered, and we put in
enough paragraphs to make that text go through the document. I reckon
that would work.

Yes that works - nice trick. I also thought of doing something similar, but writing a simple FOR-NEXT LOOP in BASIC to create a textfile of numbers and dropping that into the frame. I tested David's suggestion by doing the following.

I created a style with Auto insert / number.

Created an auto linked text frame on the master page.

In the first document page (i.e. the local page not Master Page) I typed a full-stop character and applied the style. You need to actually type something for the style to output the number. Just hitting [Return] didn't do the auto insert for me.

Then pressed the key-pad's [Enter] key to insert a new frame/page command.

Select the full-stop and new-frame character*, copy and paste as many times as needed to fill to the last page in the chpater.
*show Invsibles is useful to be able to see the new-frame character.


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