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  • From: Gavin Crawford <gav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2022 12:37:24 +0000

On 28-11-2022 12:09, Dave wrote:

Good day folks, more questions... :-(

Imagine she has an OvPro Chapter, which at this moment, for editing
purposes is separate, but will eventually be part of a much larger
document, and this chapter starts on page 150 through to page 170 (That's
obviously 20 pages).

She would like an Info indicator some how, to show what page she is at
within the chapter, not what page it is within the total larger document
as is shown by the OvPro "About this file Info" button.

For example:
She might be Editing on page 157 of this chapter, but she wants an
indicator of some sort that indicates Chapter 1 page 7 (1/7 as it would
show in the Impression Publisher indicator), rather than Chapter 1 Page
157 in the Ovpro indicator.

An indicator of page X within this chapter, not the Document page

Does it have, or is it possible to have that sort of indicator in OvPro?

I'm not aware of anything that does that right now.

But it is possible. But would require some coding as an applet using the script language. There are number of functions that return information relating to page and chapter numbers.

I guess the Page Palette applet would be a good starting point - it could be extended to display the current page 'index' of the chapter visible. With the Page Palette open you would then have that information updated as you scroll through the document, which is probably nicer than having to keep openening a separate applet window everytime you want to know the page number.


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