[softwarelist] Ovation Pro 2.77 (6th April) RISC OS ARM v7

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I've put a new version of Ovation Pro for RISC OS (6th. April 2010) at:


The aim here is compatibility with ARM v7 architecture (OMAP and Beagle board). As described in the previous thread about the new version of SparkFS getting this to work has been troublesome.

It's been pointed out to me that on the RISC OS Open web site:


there is a comment to the effect that non-32 bit compatible code does actually run on the Iyonix, confirming my experience - code assumed to be successfully converted to 32 bits, hasn't always been.

In the great 32 bit conversion when Iyonix came out, there were some non-trivial pieces of work, it may only now be seen how successful that work was - SparkFS is one example and the hand converted code in that was OK. The problems of this type in Ovation Pro were trivial stuff - just a matter of failing to look at various assembler files.

I've had a lot help getting Oation Pro to work on ARM v7 from "Tank" (R.Kinton), the new version is a tribute to his patience and my incompetence.

Unfortunately I can't now say everything is perfect. It may well be the case that certain operations in OP cause code to be executed which crashes on ARM v7. I'd like anyone having such experiences to report the problems to me.

The twin dangers are incompatible code lurking in some feature, and wrongly aligned data structures. Although I've always attempted to put my data on word boundaries, it's a step further to say that it always is on word boundaries and that there aren't situations where non-word access does no harm, but will now result in a type 5 crash.

I have made the assumption that the existing ARM code based applets are OK. So no upgrades to them now.

In summary, it's a big complicated program.

p.s. Martin can you tell me if the ArtWorks render applet is likely to work?

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