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Alas I didn't see the original posting whilst I had a chance to try things on Windows - I'll try to do so on Saturday.

Lot of scope for printer driver problems - on Windows each printer driver is like its own graphics system.

If your printer is PostScript then you have the option of turning "direct postscript" on or off to change results and/or changing the postscript level (those being settings in Ovation Pro for Windows choices).

On 25/11/2022 22:39, Andy Ling wrote:

On 25/11/2022 21:37, Dave wrote:
Evenin' folks,
I have a problem with a graphic in Windows OvPro that I can't fathom, so I
wondered if some advice might be available.

http://www.triffid.co.uk/dstuff/Testpik.zip  contains an OvPro page with a
graphic "Testgraphic.dpd"

When it is onscreen in Win OvPro the background to the Heart graphic is
transparent, the page background shows through.

But when I print a test page the frame background prints black.

Well, it prints OK for me. Windows 10 and an ancient Canon MP610 printer.

Is it a PostScript printer? There are options for printing to them.

Andy Ling

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