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  • Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 14:59:35 +0100

OPW 2.92 (12 Jan 2011)
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OPW 2.92 (12 Jan 2011)

With a grid displayed (at 1mm intervals) on a document viewed at 800% I was
trying to move frames around and wanted them to snap to adjacent frames. I
found the only snap that happened was the side of the frame to the edge of
the page's master frame.

Misc -> Prevs -> View -> Snap was on.

Reading the manual it said something about snaps happening eg of the top of
one frame to the top of another - which makes sense if one's positioning a
subframe inside another.  But I was moving one frame towards the top of a
page and wanted to align it directly under another frame - ie I wanted the
top of the frame being moved to snap to the bottom of the higher frame. It
wouldn't do it.

I did manage to draw a guideline where the bottom of the topmost frame was,
and then the frame I was moving up the page would snap to that.  But why
doesn't snap see all frame edges?

Drawing the guideline was itself a nightmare. With View zoom still at 800%
it was easy to put a guideline in roughly the right place.  But it was
really hard to move it to the precise place.  To select the guideline I had
to position the mouse pointer incredibly close to the guideline before it
would turn red - only a few pixels either side.  On 800% magnification I was
still having to peer at the screen very closely to do that.  Why?  

I couldn't get the guideline adjust tool to show until I'd started to move a
selected guideline, whereas the manual says you can "move the pointer over
the guideline then when the pointer changes to the adjustment tool you can
start the drag" - I tried many times and could not get that to work.  It
sounds a great deal easier than having to click the precise point where the
thin line is.  Alternatively is there a dialog (or could this be in a tiny
applet?) which lists the positions of all guidelines and lets you alter or
delete them - that would be even better.

Is there some way to set the sensitivity of guideline selection?  I wonder
if it's related to the non-appearance of the normal frame move tool - if I
click on a selected frame and hold the mouse perfectly still, sometimes I
get the move tool in about 3-4 seconds.  Sometimes after 20-30 seconds, no
tool.  Why?   (I did start using the Ctrl-rightclick method instead.)

It turned out that the guideline, once I did manage to get it moving around
the page, wouldn't snap to the bottom of the topmost frame.  I had to select
teh top frame, add together its Y and Height values then transcribe that
value to the modify guideline box.

Once I finally got the guideline in the right place I WAS able to move the
frame I wanted and have it snap to the guideline... but this whole process
took more than an hour, mainly because I couldn't believe it could be so

Jeremy C B Nicoll - my opinions are my own
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