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  • Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 02:22:49 +0000

2008扤扤6&#183;扤26扤扤扤扤扤±扤扤"Clive Bonsall"

>For RiscOS and Windows ... if David does not have the time or
>inclination to continue development (vs maintenance), would he consider
>handing on the baton to others? And are there others who would be
>willing to pick it up?

I do hope _all_ people who have written stuff for RiscOS will make some
arrangements for the continued availability of the apps in the future.
Anyone working as a 1-man operation is, inevitably, endangering their
work: none of us is getting younger (sadly, and despite SWMBO saying
I'm childish).

It would be a great pity if code, background info etc were not at least
ar hived and available to _someone_ following the inevitable event.

But in the meantime, wishing everyone a future with longevity health,
satisfaction, and sufficiency-unto-their-needs.

Ian P.

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