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  • From: Phillip Marsden <phillip.marsden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 22:26:59 +0100

Paul Vigay wrote:
In a dim and distant universe <4863EA71.7070303@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Phillip Marsden <phillip.marsden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> enlightened us thusly:
[Snippety snip]

I fail to see the logic here. Windows (and Linux) systems both do more
than RISC OS, for reasons given many times. These reasons have been
spelled out even by people who choose to earn a living out of RISC OS,
so this is not sour grapes or trolling on my part.

I think the original comment was about Word - which is indeed pretty
primitive and lowers people's expectations of what a computer can do.

I actually like this because it gives me an inflated ego when people see
leaflets and posters I've done and say, "WOW!!! Did you do that. That's
amazing" - incorrectly thinking I've done it on Word and discovered loads
of new features they didn't know about! hehe hehe.

I fail to see how it can be said that Windows lowers the expectations of people using it. If such a person was to try using RISC OS then they would feel very limited in what they could do.

Oh? Now you're just trolling for the sake of it. I feel *severely* limited
everytime I come to use a PC or Mac. The feeling of being restricted and
held back is one of my biggest hates about Windows.

Windows user would not be aware of, simply because they don't have to be
aware of them. I am sure that I am aware of issues that some normal RISC
OS users are unaware of. I am also sure that there are people around
here who are aware of more issues than I am.

Having done technical support on Windows and RISC OS for much longer than
RISC OS itself, I'm aware of most of the little quirks and issues and,
again, that's what makes me hate Windows so much!

The posting that I am responding to continues the common trait amongst
certain RISC OS users that the "average" RISC OS user is more computer
aware than users of other platforms, usually Windows.

They are!

I've personally witnessed it time and time again - having spent over 20
years doing technical support on all different computer platforms. The
*average* RISC OS user is a *lot* more knowledeable than the *average* PC

This is arrogance on the part of those people,

It's not. It's just ordinary observation, gleaned over many years of

Paul, I do not troll. We all know how blinkered you are. You are a purveyor of half-truths, as is shown every time someone takes you to task. You may feel that RISC OS can serve your every need, but the majority of the users that RISC OS once had think otherwise. If they did not, they would still be within the RISC OS market, and David Pilling would not have to be concerned about the future of OPro (which is the real topic of this thread).


Regards, Phillip Marsden

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