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On Tuesday, October 21, 2008 1:34 PM ,
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There appears to be a consistent problem when a line ends in a full
stop, which becomes more evident when there are several such lines close
together. I find that these lines do not always align to the right
margin (neither on screen nor in print). Playing with the enhanced
justification settings fails to rectify the problem.


If you look at the size of a full stop in a font editing program you
will see it is slightly more than the diameter of the full stop

This is also true for other chars. Before and after. This is called the
character width.
When you apply kerning between 2 chars, you change the total width between
outline of 2 characters.

The difference is far greater with Corpus or Evenletter. With these
fonts the full stop will appear exactly in the middle under the last
letter at the end of the line above.

Of course. Both fonts are monospaced. Each character has the same character
width (= space before and space after outline of character and the width of
the character itself). For a full stop there is more space before and after
the outline than for a character like M or W.

What can be seen for the full stop, is also visible for exclamation mark,
comma, colon and semi colon. And maybe other characters. Same for quotation
mark and apostrophe, when used as first char in a line of text.

This isn't wrong. It is essential for a proportional spaced font. Same goes
for height and width of outlines of characters. Several measurements are
'optical' or 'visual' correct, but metrical not. An 'o' or 'p' or 'm' are
higher than an 'i' or 'v' or 'z'. A bow is always metrical higher or wider
than a horizontal or vertical flat part of a character.

Tonnie Demarteau

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