[softwarelist] Re: Frame height too big error on RO OPro

  • From: Gavin Crawford <gav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: davidpilling@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 11:11:02 +0100

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David Pilling <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Gavin,

On 21/09/2015 18:44, Gavin Crawford wrote:
... I've just tested the value using the !Convert applet and I see
that 913.694mm is equal to 2590pt which seems to be the value that is
checked when the dialogue is closed.

Yes, well done, the code has a max value of 2590000 internal units which
are 1/72000 ths of an inch.

Since I use 32 bit integers throughout, there's no reason to have such a
small value.

I can do you a new version tomorrow, how big is big enough.

Well is there a reason to have any limit, other than the maximum size
that can be stored in the 32 bit integer? At the moment the check for
2590000 internal units is only done when the Modify frame dialogue is
closed, not when the frame is originally created, or altered via the
info palette - does OPro have a limit check when for these instances?

I did get the document completed last night, and five roller banners
PDFs were uploaded this morning ready for printing, so don't panic
about the fix ...

BUT ...

While I'm writing, can I just mention another little bug? It's only a
redraw glitch nothing serious, but it may be an easy fix, while you're
building a new version.

In my case, (may be evident in other circumstances) this is related to
a document with many local text frames that have been manually linked.
When the chain of links are broken, say after the 4th frame in the
sequence, the 'text overflow' symbol (white arrow in a small black
square) often appears on the very first frame, not the one that has
the overflowing text (in this case the 4th frame).

Also, when the chain is re-made and all the text is flowing as it
should, even if all the text is visible and there's no overflow the
symbol is still displayed at the bottom right of that first frame. The
only way to remove it is to brake the chain at the first frame and
re-link it to the second.

This isn't a big problem, and I can live with the work-around. I never
like to see overflow symbols as it's like an alarm to me, that
something has gone missing. I would never even let a CR overflow a

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