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  • From: Kathy Johnson <twoshoes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 12:19:59 -0600

Saskatchewan is back in the throes of winter over the past two or three days. Attached is my view from the front window of the village office in Margo, my home town.

The highway getting here this morning was the shits -- snow and ice patches all the way along -- and the main streets of the two villages I had to come into were so heavy with snow that my little 1995 Ford Taurus almost got stuck more than once. Yesterday I had to make two trips on grid roads and my car plowed like a tank through hard drifts a foot high. Scared to look and see what is packed in its innards.

This should be my last working day till May; my sister Karen and I are flying out to Kelowna to see Dad and our sister Joan on Saturday. Our brother Cameron will drive out from Edmonton. Little family reunion.

I haven't deigned to enter a dollar store, or any store other than for essentials, though there's one in Wadena and I will soon, as your scrubber, Scott, sounds like an improvement over most of them. But we will be among the great unwashed in airports in three cities that have a high incidence of the covid variants. Not smart at all. However, must needs. Almost lost Dad a couple times this winter when the hospital wouldn't let us in to see him, so now that he's home and on the mend, we go. We have all had our shots -- I will only have had mine for 8 days by the time we go -- and I don't feel right about being a possible carrier -- but would probably never get over it if Dad took another unexpected turn for the worse and I hadn't gone now, while we could. Shouldn't, but could.

Hope you're all doing okay. Nice to see a bunch of posting, even if it's only about dollar store deals!

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