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databaseaudio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>I'll do that whenever i re-revisit the plugin section (enough large to
>remember which plugins I've got ad which don't). Thanks fo that concept
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>>Hi Julius,
>>Most of those plugins are already listed in databaseaudio (the freeware
>>ones), if you find any freeware ones, that aren't vaporware (i.e. have
>>some kind of support and reliable download), submit them to the site and
>>i'll put them in...:)
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This has given me an idea that may be a nice feature to have on the new
database audio site.A vapour-ware section,no really,a section where
artists,producers.music maestro's,musicians etc write a description of a
Vst,application,plug-in etc.But these musical software applications are
unique,unique as they do not yet exist or are not featured yet in the

Maybe 'dream-ware' would be a more accurate phrase than vapour-ware,as
dreams&ideas are the substance that eventually becomes a material reality.So
you could write a description of a imagined VSTi within the parameters of
probability or not ,as probability is progressive and who knows what sound
wemay produce in the future.Then this would be an excellent database for
software developers/musicians  to gather information and ideas on designing
new musical applications.Like I've got some rather original ideas for music
software though no idea how to code them. 


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