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  • Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 09:50:06 -0000

Hi Mike,

> 1. Sometimes the stylesheet takes a moment to "kick in" so I 
> see the site as it would appear without the style sheet, then 
> it reformats. All happens very quick but mildly 
> disconcerting.  (IE6, Win2k, 128kbps DSL)

Yeh, this will happen the first time you hit the site, as the whole site
is styled up. It might be due to your IE settings, if you've got IE set

Internet Options>General>Temporary Internet Files>Settings>Check for
newer versions of stored pages>*Every visit to the page*

Then the stylesheet will be reloaded on every page. If you drop it down
to one of the other settings, you won't see it so often... Not much else
you can do about this :(

> 2. Will there be a way to log in and type some instrument 
> reviews ?  That strikes me as the sort of area that might 
> want testing :)

There is a way! Just register on the site and you'll be able to post
*User Comments* for all the resources...



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