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  • Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 00:52:33 -0000

Hi Thomas,

All good points, i'll fill you in on what i'm doing along these lines.
The categories will be split up alot more, V2 allows me alot better
control over the categories, so i'm going to have more, with less in
each. I may consider the 1 2 3 4 5 system aswell.

There is already a date listing, the latest additions listings are by
date added to dba. On the current beta there are already A-Z and Most
Popular orderings. I will be adding A-Z developer to this as well. There
is no rating system (apart from Most Popular!), i don't really rate
them! But there is now the user comments for each and every resource
(please Login and post some test comments...)

In addition to this, I have just finished updating the User Settings
page. Once logged in, you can set some preferences for the site, which
will be reloaded each time you login. These are currently : Number of
records per page, images on/off in resources and on news page, default
listing for each section, i.e. a-z, most popular, latest, and site
theme, more will be added. These updates will be up tomorrow.

Hope this helps,


> Hi Mark & dba-list,
> a small suggestion for the site: some of the categories are 
> rather large, e.g. 50+ synths, so you have 6 pages with 10 
> entries each (and I guess there will be even more in the 
> future). These pages can only be browsed sequentially in 
> alphabetic order. May be it would be helpful ...
> (1) to have direct links to the pages, like e.g. google: (1 2 3 4 5 6)
> (2) to provide alternative sortings, e.g. sorted by date, 
> maybe sorted by ranking (if you have user rankings), ...
> Your excellent site is a great resource. It pointed me to a 
> number of very interesting plugs that I did't know before. 
> Keep up your great work!
> Thanks,
> Thomas
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