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  • Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 19:56:48 -0000

Hi Thom,

> One minor thing I noticed just now was that when I did a
> search, the result page page came back with a result that 
> included the search terms underlined in a style that made 
> them look like they were links. I clicked on one thinking it 
> was a link but in fact its not. I would suggest changing the 
> term high lighting style to something that won't be confused 
> with a link. The closest thing I have seen to a standard for 
> this is using a background highlight on the search terms 
> included in the result. I know its pretty minor, but I was 
> desperately searching for some criticism for an other wise 
> excellent site :)

I agree, when i rebuild the search function i'll change the styling...

> On a related note , I wonder if the 'visit site' link on
> items could be presented in a more noticeable way or 
> position, it actually took me a bit of looking around to spot 
> it as I was attracted to looking near the image and title of 
> the plugin which is in the opposite corner to where the link 
> actually is.

Again, i agree, i'll look into styling them up a bit more prominently,
perhaps more button-like like the top menu...

Keep it coming,


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