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  • Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 09:50:06 -0000

I wouldn't say i'm really treating SynthEdit plugins as a *different*
category, they are still in VST-WIN, they just have an *extra* MADE WITH
SYNTHEDIT badge, it's really just a matter of time, in that if a
developer has produced 10 or more Synthedit plugins that are all fairly
similar, i'll just put in one entry in the database, as a sort of
collection. Of course, if the plugins are of high quality, with obvious
time spent, they'll be treated like anything else :)

I'd quite like to have a tinker with it myself, a nice idea a couple of
people have mentioned would be a series of databaseaudio plugins,
perhaps along the lines of the muon/computer music relationship would be
good, just a thought!



> Well, fair enough. It's all too easy to put together 
> something that makes a noise and then release it with 
> something like Synth Edit. I guess developers should be more 
> selective in what they release. And that includes me and my 
> half-baked 'Tardis' effort. It's a shame that SE plug-ins are 
> treated as a special category, as there is nothing 
> intrinsically wrong with them, in the same way that there is 
> nothing intrinsicly wrong with VST plug-ins. It's just that 
> some are better than others, and as it's so easy to put one 
> together in SE, quality control gets a bit slack.
> Tim
> >
> > Hi Tim,
> >
> > Yeah, the main problem for me has been the sheer number of plugins 
> > some people have been knocking out!! I'm going to start 
> grouping large 
> > collections, particularly those that don't come with much 
> information 
> > under *one* entry in the database...
> >
> > Mark.
> >

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